The Angelic realms have been exceedingly live for the duration of the human education. They-as intense aspects of your Source-have been offered as protectors and teachers for every one of you. And yes, it can seem to be immensely rocky to cognize this once you see it, as we are talking active the Angelic Realms, the Dimensions of Light, some of which are not ever apparent to the human eye.

And yet-have you noticed the Angels circa you? They be to be everywhere! In pictures, in the architecture, on websites, on TV. They may well walk beside you, too. How do you certify them? How well-mannered will you perceive once you start off to certificate the angelic intrinsic worth of others? Of yourself?

Sometimes all you demand is for a Light to be reversed on. Have you ever been in a liberty that's darker than dark? Hard to insight your way, isn't it? In fact, it's demanding to even shuffle once you can't see. It makes you ongoing set and sometimes even paralyzes you. And then-a feathery comes on! It can be a spotlight, a flashbulb, or the tiniest of flames. And it transforms the fogginess. And transforms YOU in the process.

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Because Now you can SEE.

Being human is close to that too. Do you sometimes knack you're thought your way? It's intricate to relocate once you're not sure where you're going, or what's in a circle you. Do you recognize that you can coppers your beingness and the Light that you can measure by initiatory to this Vision? You are portion of Source Creation, fair as the Angels are, and honourable as all beings are. You are present to be the Highest Light and to be Joy in that Light. You are expected to be optimistic. Think active this. You are intended to be elysian. You are meant to esteem and be dear. Do you truly know this? Is it sector of your experience?

It should be, and it's meant to be.

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A Meditation to Connect near the Angelic Realms

See yourself inhaling in the Peace of the Angelic Realms. Do this by quiet your physiologic body, particularly your back, your shoulders, your collar. Focus on all part of the pack of your body, and next to intention, take a breath Peace into these areas. Notice if within are any areas of accent or hostility. Accept that you will free these sensitiveness once you are set. If you are not prepared and aspiration to be, ASK! Ask to freedom all sensation, both vigour pattern, all concern, which no long serves you present in your expanded Self. Ask to correlate with the Angelic Realms in the Highest and Purest Light. Ask for expansion, for Vision and Peace. Ask that you may larn what it is you demand to cognize near ease, and in an accelerated mode. You may ask all of these things, or no article. You may merely ask to acquire. And as you do, FEEL yourself connexion next to the Dimensions of Light as an equal, as a friend and darling who is winning a rightful plop in this go through. Open to this holy communion and touch yourself transformed by the blessings you have. Immerse in the Joy of knowing that these energies are going spare to you at both moment, both in the meditation and in your day-after-day breathing.

Why Angels? Why Now? The reply is offered to you.

Welcome nest.

© JoAnne Scalise 2004



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